National lottery's Super5 Jackpot strikes again

The Super5 jackpot winning streak continues after it was hit in two consecutive draws

It has been a fortunate string of events and once again, one lucky woman, who purchased her ticket in Marsa, won the Super5 jackpot of €250,000, only one week after the jaw-dropping one-million-euro-plus jackpot prize was claimed.  

The player played her selected winning combination from the 24 August draw 1-10-21-25-37, in addition to another four sets of quintets that she usually plays on a regular basis. 

 “In general, I always stick to the same sets of numbers. However, this time, whilst I was jotting down my routine numbers on the Super5 playslip, I decided to change things up and include an additional combination”, the excited winner told National Lottery plc, when claiming her significant prize at the Lottery’s headquarters, on Friday 26 August. “I never expected that these numbers would be the lucky ones”. 

The winner said, it was the agent at the Marsa National Lottery store, who broke the big news whilst he was checking her numbers via the ticket checker. “At first I thought that the agent was joking, but then he showed me the message on the ticket checker, and lo and behold, I was indeed the winner, I could not believe it,” she exclaimed. The Super5 contestant will be paying off her mortgage with the prize money.

National Lottery plc congratulates the player for winning this massive jackpot. 

The next Super5 draw with a jackpot of €250,000 will be held on Wednesday 31 August at 8:40pm on TVM after the main news bulletin. Players will also have a second chance to win €100,000 with Super5 PLUS for an additional €1, whilst keeping the same chosen five numbers for Super5.

It could be you next. Take a chance!  

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