Ian Borg formally appointed 2024 OSCE chairman

Foreign Minister Ian Borg says Malta has embraced a bridge builder role in the geo-political landscape

Foreign Minister Ian Borg (Photo: DOI)
Foreign Minister Ian Borg (Photo: DOI)

Foreign Minister Ian Borg was formally appointed chairman-in-office of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) for 2024 on Friday afternoon.

“To fulfil our role, we depend on the close cooperation and support of all participating States to fulfil the OSCE’s mandate, and to return to our shared values in full respect of our agreed principles and commitments,” Borg said in his acceptance speech.

The move to make Malta chair of the OSCE comes after Russia blocked Estonia from taking the role.

Borg defended Estonia’s candidature for the role, which Malta also backed, saying that the country remains a “solid, relevant and dependable partner”.

He said Malta has embraced a “bridge builder” role in the geo-political landscape, expressing gratitude the country has been trusted with the responsibility to lead the organisation.