Teen kills eight students, injures six in premeditated Belgrade school shooting

The boy, 13, planned a 'priority list' of children to target, which classrooms he would go into first and called the police himself after the attack

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Eight students, and a security guard were killed in a shooting at a school in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade.

The students, seven girls and one boy, all aged 13 or 14 were confirmed dead, with four other boys, two girls and a teacher injured. 

The boy, who died, suffered the worst injuries after he was shot in the neck and chest.

One of the girls in critical condition suffered head injuries, and the other was shot in the abdomen but, is currently stable.

The three other boys, all currently stable, suffered injuries to their legs.

The teacher is reported to be undergoing surgery with authorities saying her life was at risk.

The attack, described by the Serbian Educational Minister Branko Ruzic as “the first of its kind,” happened around 8:40am (6:40 GMT) at the Vladislav Ribnikar primary school in central Belgrade

The statements also spoke of the arrest of a 13-year-old student, Kosta Kecmanović, who according to the police, called police himself after the attack.

An investigation into the teen’s motives behind this incident is underway.

The police explained that Kecmanović allegedly used his father's guns, both of which had legal permits. 

While under Serbian law, the teen may not be held criminally responsible as he is still a minor, legal measures will be taken against the father, according to Serbia's interior minister.

Police said that Kecmanović planned the attack a month in advance. He planned a "priority list" of children to target and which classrooms he would go into first.

The education ministry announced a national three-day mourning period starting on Friday, while the school closes for the rest of Wednesday.