Call for Irrestawra Darek Scheme for grade 1 and 2 residential properties postponed

The Planning Authority temporarily postpones Irrestawra Darek Scheme for Grade 1 and 2 residential properties after Tuesday's fiasco

The Planning Authority (PA) has temporarily postponed the call of the Irrestawra Darek Scheme for scheduled Grade 1 and 2 residential properties which is meant to open next Tuesday. 

“This decision was taken following an overwhelming response following the call for owners of residential properties within Urban Conservation Areas (UCAs) earlier this week,” the PA explained on Saturday morning.

The restoration grant for owners of residences located in town centres had to be shut down within minutes of opening, last Tuesday after applicants flooded the scheme.

The Planning Authority later said that the Irrestawra Darek grant scheme received an overwhelming response from applicants “within minutes of its launch”.

This move faced criticism from many, particularly architects, who expressed their surprise at the unexpectedly high demand for funds.

This led to frustration within their professional body, the Kamra tal-Periti, which criticised the entire system as a "farce."

The PA did not provide further information regarding the call for scheduled Grade 1 and 2 residential properties and other similar schemes, only stating, "dates will be issued in the near future."