Grech invites all who believe Malta 'deserves better' to join PN's Sunday national protest

The PN leader is hopeful the Maltese can deliver a message of unity to the nation and tell Robert Abela that the time for impunity was over

PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)
PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)

PN and Opposition leader Bernard Grech invited all those that believed that Malta deserved better to join the party's National protest on Sunday.

In a recorded message on NET TV, Grech spoke of the recent significant wins by his party in court and promoted the PN's Sunday protest at 3.30pm in front of Castille.

Grech said that it was the Labour government that negotiated the “corrupt and fraudulent” contracts for the concession of the three state hospitals to Vitals/Steward and that it was Prime Minister Robert Abela and his friends that kept defending the deal.

On 24 February, the courts annulled the contract between the government and Steward Healthcare for the concession of St Luke’s Hospital, Karin Grech Hospital, and the Gozo General Hospital, with the judge saying that Steward had acted “fraudulently”.

The case was filed in 2018 by former PN leader Adrian Delia.

Grech also spoke about PN’s other victory in the courts, where earlier in the week, the Courts of Appeal increased the compensation to the party to €5,000 for each of two separate impartial reporting incidents by the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS).

The case has been opened by the Nationalist Party against the PBS and the Broadcasting Authority.

“The Court of Appeals declared again that the Public Broadcasting Services and the Broadcasting Authority broke PN’s fundamental rights,” Grech said.

“PBS is a propaganda machine of the Labour Party and a mouthpiece for Robert Abela.”

He also spoke of the tragic death of Jean Paul Sofia, who died in a construction accident at 20 years of age, and said that the Prime Minister was refusing to listen to the family’s request for a public inquiry.

Grech said that PN will be presenting a motion in Parliament to demand the public inquiry.

He also slammed the PL government for providing enough tools to the police to help and protect Bernice Cassar. Cassar was allegedly murdered by her husband, after she had filed several domestic violence reports against him.

“This is Malta under Robert Abela. Instead of defending the Maltese and the little guy, Abela chooses to defend his foreign friends and the powerful that are in cahoots with the Labour Party,” the leader of Malta’s traditionally conservative party said.

Grech said that PN will be the shield of all those Maltese that could not take it anymore and believed that Malta could do better.

“I am convinced that you could have a better job and that Malta can be the country that you deserve, where you and your family can live serenely.”

He invited everyone to join PN in Sunday’s protest and show Robert Abela that the time for impunity was over.

“Come with us to Valletta tomorrow. It is important that we deliver a unity message and that Abela can’t can’t do as he pleases. You deserve better,” Grech said.