Quarter of voters did not cast their ballot in Thursday early voting session

72% of the 1,200 voters registered went to cast their vote on Thursday

A quarter of eligible voters chose not to cast their ballot during Thursday's early voting session, according to the Electoral Commission. 

In a statement on Friday morning, the commission said that the approximate voting turnout for the session stood at 72.5%. 

The session was limited to those who were in hospital as of Monday, March 21.

Around 1,252 people were registered to vote on Thursday, with the commission reporting 908 ballots cast. 

Another early voting session was held on 19 March for electors who will be abroad or in hospital on 26 March. 

The turnout for that session was 85.15%. In 2017, the early voting turnout was 91.7%.

Electors had until midnight at Thursday to collect their voting documents, with party leaders Robert Abela and Bernard Grech strongly urging voters to collect their documents ahead of the election.

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