PN's trackless trams will cost €2.8 billion, promises to complete it by 2027

The trackless trams will cost €16,500 per metre

The Nationalist Party's proposal for a trackless trams system will cost €2.8 billion and willbe completed by 2027, according to Bernard Grech.

During a press conference on Friday, Grech gave an overview on the PN's proposal for trackless trams and compared it to government's plans for a metro system.

The trackless trams system will cost €2.8 billion and will be completed by 2027. The metro system is estimated to cost €6.2 billion and will be completed by 2042.

Regards cost per metre, the trackless tram would cost €16,500 while the metro is priced at €175,000. 

Grech said that the trackless tram would only include Malta, and would cover 48 localities. The metro will only reach 21 localities.

While it only includes Malta, Grech said that the party would not exclude considering a trackless tram system for Gozo. 

In their manifesto, the Nationalist Party said that the trams would pass through arterial and distributor roads with dedicated lanes. 

Among other transport proposals, the Nationalist Party pledged to offer a €10,000 grant over five years to encourage families to get rid of their car, provided they do not buy another one during that period.

The party also pledged to ensure that electric vehicles have an extensive system of fast charging stations, with the charging rate reduced by 20% from 13c to 10c at any time of day.

For cyclists, Grech promised to set up a national programme to incentivise and facilitate bicycle use as a regular means of transport.

Health and safety measures would be introduced by cyclists, and routes would be designed to facilitate bicycle use.