Degiorgio brothers in fresh attempt to delay Daphne Caruana Galizia murder trial

George and Alfred Degiorgio seek murder trial suspension, claiming their lawyer’s decision to give up the brief has crippled their defence

George and Alfred Degiorgio want the court to suspend their murder trial
George and Alfred Degiorgio want the court to suspend their murder trial

Brothers George and Alfred Degiorgio have mounted a fresh court challenge to get their trial for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia suspended.

In an application filed before the First Hall, Civil Court in its constitutional jurisdiction, on Monday, the brothers argued their defence was dealt a blow when their lawyer renounced his brief.

The Degiorgios were represented by lawyer William Cuschieri, however, the latter informed the trial judge last month that he was renouncing his brief. The brothers were subsequently assigned legal aid lawyers.

George and Alfred Degiorgio stand accused of executing Caruana Galizia’s assassination in October 2017.

In their fresh court challenge, they are claiming that their right to a fair hearing would be breached in several ways if the upcoming trial were to go ahead.

The brothers argued that they are unable to prepare a valid defence in the trial without the help of a trusted lawyer. They claimed not having enough time to source another lawyer of their choosing.

They also claimed that the media coverage their case has received in Malta and abroad does not guarantee peace of mind that potential jurors would not have heard about the case and thus already conditioned in their judgement.

The brothers asked the Constitutional Court to direct the Criminal Court to suspend the trial until the constitutional issue raised by them is decided upon.

The application was signed by legal aid lawyer Joseph P. Bonnici against the State Advocate, the Attorney General and the Director General of the Courts Services Agency.