Żabbar man admits to robbing elderly women in his hometown

The man is accused of theft aggravated by violence, slightly injuring an elderly victim, and recidivism

A 35-year-old man from Żabbar will be sentenced next month after admitting to having stolen cash during a mugging committed on a 74-year-old woman and a break-in on a car driven by another elderly woman.

Brandon Luke Meilaq was arraigned before magistrate Nadine Lia, accused of theft aggravated by violence. The crime took place at around 5pm on January 14 in Żabbar.

Meilaq, who the court was told is a drug addict, was also accused of slightly injuring the elderly victim and recidivism. He was additionally charged with another theft which had taken place on 11 January in Zabbar. During that incident, €70 were stolen from a parked Hyundai.

The accused had admitted his guilt to the police during interrogation and pleaded guilty in court on Friday afternoon.

Meilaq’s lawyer Charmaine Cherrett requested a pre-sentencing report. The court upheld the request, adjourning the case to February 21.

Inspectors Lydon Zammit, Stephen Gulia and Kurt Farrugia prosecuted.