Not your typical afternoon tea

Looking to spend some quality time with your mother, sister, partner or best friend? There really is no better place to do so than at Corinthia St.George's Bay, with a cup of tea and salmon sandwich in hand

Christmas tea at Corinthia St. George's Bay
Christmas tea at Corinthia St. George's Bay

As the afternoon sun began to set and the crisp air was blowing harshly on our faces, there was nothing we craved more than a hot cup of tea and a freshly baked scone. We made our way to none other than Corinthia, St George’s Bay, excited to warm up, over-order and over-eat. What else could you really ask for in life?

We entered the magnificent lobby and after having our temperatures taken and details listed, we stood in awe of all that surrounded us. Decorated to a tee, the lobby screamed Christmas and exuded cheer and warmth, two things we all need a little bit more of this season, especially during these tough times.

Within minutes, we had ordered the classic afternoon tea, the chocolate lovers’ afternoon tea and the special edition: festive afternoon tea. If you know me at all, you know that I am extremely passionate about tea, of all kinds. Equally passionate is my group of girl friends, who I invited primarily to make me feel less bad about consuming everything I lay my eyes on.

The friendly staff delivered the impressive tiered afternoon teas with a smile, and took our tea and coffee orders, which we proceeded to order another three times during our visit, seeing as they were unlimited.

First up: the classic afternoon tea. The bottom tier was jampacked with delectable savoury sandwiches. The first was smoked salmon, sour cream, cucumber, caviar and dill, the second was Parma ham, Pecorino cheese and rocket leaves and the third had salami Napoli, Brie cheese and piccalilli.

With a side of freshly brewed English breakfast tea, the sandwiches went down a treat. The top and middle tiers were beautifully decorated with a selection of tea pastries, including warm classic English scones, hand crafted by Corinthia’s talented pastry team, alongside fresh berries and clotted cream.

As we devoured each and every tier, the waiter brought over the chocolate lovers’ afternoon tea, as well as the winner of the day: the festive afternoon tea. Both featured the same delicious sandwiches and the festive tea also included a special (and unbelievably tasty) smoked turkey, cranberry and chestnut cream cheese sandwich, which, I’ll have you know, tasted exactly what you would expect Christmas to taste like if it were a food.

We feasted on freshly baked scones, some made with cinnamon and others with chocolate chips, chocolate muffins and orange peel dipped in chocolate, mince pies and Christmas cake. All the while, we spoke about trivial things, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company, whilst simultaneously appreciating the stunning view. Large, clear windows exhibit panoramic sea views, as well as St Julians and the surrounding area.

Smiles were permanently imprinted on our faces, our stomachs were satisfied, to say the least, and we thought it best to take a momentary break before giving in to the urge to grab at another warm scone once again.

We absorbed our surroundings and couldn’t help but be impressed by the extravagant decorations, which were effortlessly complemented by the soft, ambient music. It’s often the minute details that elevate a good experience to a spectacular one and let me tell you, Corinthia’s team paid attention to each and every detail.

As our afternoon tea experience was brought to an end, we rose from our seats, and noticed that it had begun to rain. Without a care in the world, due to the three hours free parking offered by the hotel, we were safely in our cars within minutes.

Looking to spend some quality time with your mother, sister, partner or best friend? There really is no better place to do so than at Corinthia, with a cup of tea and salmon sandwich in hand.

The afternoon tea can be served any time between 9am and 7pm.