DNA... branding like rockstars since the 1990s

DNA toasts its ethos to ‘brand and rebrand like no other’

‘Rock n’ roll!’ some would say.. life at DNA seems to be more of a “rock n’ create” situation, with a group of working rockstars, young and innovative artists with 26 years of experience on their shoulders, facing the branding and creative design market as a mysterious and unpredictable challenge, with a powerful attitude, constant creativity and unlimited audacity.

DNA is represented by people who were born ready to perform on the largest stages, in front of the biggest crowds, with the aim of doing better with every performance.

“This group brands and rebrands like no other, enhancing the experience of each client, embarking on a tour made by a team of creative rockstars and unstoppable innovators,” said Keith Pillow, CEO and founder of DNA and DAAA Haus.

Just like every band can count on a leader, DNA does so with its CEO and creative director, Keith Pillow, who rocks the direction of the studio towards success and demanding opportunities.

“However, there are no bands where the leader stands alone. DNA presents, in fact, a range of talents who have always rocked at their job and will always keep doing it in the upcoming years: Cecilia, Marketing Strategy Manager; Jean, Senior Creative Designer; Alexia, Senior Web & Digital Designer; Diana, Social Media Manager & Creative Designer; Salvatore, Creative Designer; Daniela, Senior Business Developer, amongst many others,” Pillow said.

“The main objective of the group is to keep rocking, thinking loud, offering unique solutions, greeting customers like no one has never done before, keep walking on those stages with a positive attitude and with the passion of a rock band who knows what is coming and is ready to face it!”