Epic starts rolling out 5G network with speeds of 1,500 Mbps

Epic starts 5G rollout with a €40 million investment into the mobile network infrastructure

Epic has started its 5G rollout using smart antennas
Epic has started its 5G rollout using smart antennas

Epic started its 5G rollout with speeds of 1,500 Mbps as part of a brand new €40 million mobile network investment.

The 5G network is available in selected areas in the inner harbour region, where works on its new network have been completed. The service is available in these areas for customers on the latest unlimited pay monthly plans and business plans with a 5G enabled phone. 

Epic CEO Tamas Banyai said the network will provide better coverage and higher speeds to customers. "Our customers will enjoy greater bandwidth as well as faster and reliable internet connectivity wherever they are," he said.

Radio Network Senior Manager Mario Cordina demonstrated the 1,500Mbps download, achieved through the use of broad spectrum and smart antennas which reduce interference for multiple users connected to the network. "This technology setup is the first of its kind for Malta."

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri said the governent is committed to maximise the potential of modern technology resources. "Government has allocated €81 million, equivalent to more than 25% of the funds allotted to Malta to initiatives aimed at accelerating digital transformation in areas which are critical to the whole economy."