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Market summary

Maltese market closed in red on Thursday, with MSE total index ending the session 0.918% lower to 9,317.881 points. Best performer was International Hotel Investments plc by jumping 1.35% to close at 0.75. Malita Investments plc closed at 0.90 by adding 1.12%, while Plaza Centres plc added 0.97% to close at 1.04. Biggest fall of 6.77% was seen from Malta International Airport plc, closing at 6.20. Followed by Bank of Valletta plc and PG plc, both dropped 1.44% and 1.50% to close at 1.025 and 1.97 respectively.

European stocks were walloped following news overnight that the rate of new coronavirus infections outside of China had accelerated. By the end of trading, the benchmark Stoxx 600 had lost 1.43% to 380.76, alongside a 1.51% drop on the German Dax to 11,994.72, while Spain's Ibex 35 was off by 2.55% to 8,683.0.

US stocks followed Europe's lead and headed south on Thursday as this week's wild ride for stocks continued. At the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 3.58% at 26,121.28, while the S&P 500 was 3.39% weaker at 3,023.94 and the Nasdaq Composite saw out the session 3.10% softer at 8,738.60.

Apple and Google is cracking down on apps related to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak that aren’t from recognized institutions like governments or hospitals.

Both Apple and Google have begun cracking down on apps related to the coronavirus.

App developers say that Apple is rejecting any and all coronavirus-related mobile software not from recognized health organizations or the government.

Google in the meantime, is not returning any results for coronavirus-related searches on the Play Store, although it’s unclear at this time if Google is restricting the approval of new apps, too.

Apple and Google are far from the only companies taking measures to cut down on content that either peddles misinformation or seeks to take exploit the ongoing outbreak for financial gain. Facebook, the company’s Instagram subsidiary, and Twitter have instituted bans on coronavirus misinformation, and Amazon is currently grappling with waves of new product listings that are exploiting the situation by either claiming to provide cures or protection against COVID-19 or price gouging health items like hand sanitizer and face masks.


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