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My essentials: Madeline Formosa’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
91 | Madeline Formosa, 20, full-time law student, artist, activist
My essentials: Julian Mallia’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
90 | Julian Mallia, 37, visual artist, drummer
Karl Schembri: ‘Do your utmost to be the best version of yourself, any time and everyday’
Matt Thompson: 'Seize the day as things can change in an instant'
Q & A
Matt Thompson tells all in our Q&A
My essentials: Lisa Gwen’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
89 | Lisa Gwen, 41, independent writer & curator, Maker & designer
Denise Mulholland: 'Best advice I've ever received? You make your own sandwiches'
Q & A
Actor Denise Mulholland tells all in our Q&A
My essentials: Nico Darmanin’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
88 | Nico Darmanin, Opera Singer
Sarah Maria Scicluna: 'Everything is temporary, everything passes'
Q & A
Visual artist Sarah Maria Scicluna tells all in our Q&A
My essentials: Lee-n Abela’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
87 | Lee-n Abela, 42, Performing Artist
Martine Cutajar: 'My biggest challenge has definitely been building my confidence and believing that I am not inferior to others'
Colin Attard: 'Who's my inspiration? Artistically speaking, it is my uncle, the late Mro Joseph Vella'
My essentials: Melchior Busuttil’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
86 | Melchior Busuttil, 31, Musician - Drummer
My essentials: Hannah Gatt’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
85 | Hannah Gatt, 22, student/performer/speech-language therapist
Stelios Pittas: 'My biggest challenge? Combining my professional work as an accountant with my music career'
My essentials: Aicha Cassar’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
84 | Aicha Cassar, 23, Actress
Nikki Cassar: 'Live in the present – the future is not guaranteed'
Q & A
Actor Nikki Cassar tells all in our Q&A
My essentials: Edward Mifsud’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
83 | Edward Mifsud, 31, musician
Thea Gauci: 'My favourite food? There is no doubt that my preferred food is pasta, prepared with any variety of sauce
My essentials: Xaxa Calleja’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
No 82 | Xaxa Calleja, 43, painter
Sasha Vella: 'That life is meant to be lived, not survived. And that it is in itself worth living'