[WATCH] Charlene Rae releases new single 'L-Isbaħ Fjura'

Singer Charlene Rae releases 'L-Isbaħ Fjura', a tribute to her love for the Maltese langue and the rock genre

Inset: Charlene Rae
Inset: Charlene Rae

Born in New York City but living in the picturesque village of Għajnsielem in Gozo, singer Charlene Rae has a great love for the Maltese language and the rock music genre, so much so that she does her best to merge them together. This was the starting point for the song L-Isbaħ Fjura.

Composed by Glen Vella, with lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss and produced by Matteo Depares, L-Isbaħ Fjura is an original song in Maltese that Charlene Rae, through her official Facebook and Instagram pages, described as a “personal, dedication to my father, a man who although left a dark hole in the hearts of many, gave me a lot of courage throughout my life.”

The choice of the release date for this song, Friday 18 June, was not by coincidence but well mapped out. It happens to be the last day of the week before Father’s Day is celebrated. Therefore, Charlene Rae and her team thought that the song's message could offer comfort to those who lost their dear father.

The song L-Isbaħ Fjura is accompanied by a lyric video produced by Angie and Duane Laus of Lava Graphics, where the purpose is to better understand the relationship between father and daughter through carefully penned lyrics, which evoke sentimental values.

As of today, Friday 18th June, L-Isbaħ Fjura is available for streaming and/or purchase on all leading digital platforms including, but not limited to Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon and iTunes through international distribution company; CAP-Sounds.