Diska bil-Malti? Only 20% think Eurovision song in Maltese could have a chance

35.2% actually Malta should not even compete in next year’s Eurovision song contest...

Just less than 20% of the Maltese population thinks the country should compete in the Eurovision song contest using a song with Maltese lyrics.

A survey carried out by newspaper Illum showed the majority of people living in Malta still believe a song with English lyrics can win the contest.

In May, Destiny’s Je Me Casse placed a disappointing seventh place in the Eurovision song contest, despite being considered as one of the favourites to clinch the top spot by the bookmakers.

The team behind this year’s performance was plunged into further controversy after an investigation was launched over concerns raised about the possibility of taxpayer money being spent to boost Destiny’s Eurovision odds with bookmakers.

According to the survey, 45% of respondents feel a song sung in English would increase Malta’s chance of winning the competition, while 35.2% said they did not know.

The survey also showed that nearly half of the population (49.9%) think Malta should still compete in next year’s contest, despite the country’s lack of success in the competition.

32.5% said Malta should drop out of the competition and not compete anymore. The remaining 17.5% said they did not know.