Mużika Mużika set to take place in March 2022

Mużika Mużika festival to take place between 24 and 26 March with 20 participants

Mużika Mużika will keep its annual appointment next year and will be held between 24 and 26 March with organisers promising a spectacular show.

Held for the first time earlier this year, the music festival proved to be a huge success with TV viewership reaching more than 320,000.

Testament to the success of the 1st edition is the renewed enthusiasm by singers, songwriters and authors. Festivals Malta received a total of 170 submissions, which were shortlisted to 35 songs, which went on to compete in the live auditions. The semi-finals in March will see 20 songs competeing against each other.

The Mużika Mużika team has started logistical preparations and its promotional campaign, which will culminate in March 2022.

Organisers said the festival will be diverse as ever, with a variety of genres including pop, rock, rap, folk,and reggaeton. The contesting songs present themes ranging from positivity to love and even hope. These songs will be performed live for the first time during the festival in March 2022, accompanied by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

Additionally, Festivals Malta is also producing Mużika Mużika – Il-Vjaġġ Ikompli, a television programme broadcast on TVM that follows the journey of seven young artists as they receive professional training. The winner of this show, which will be announced in December, will participate in Mużika Mużika. Through this initiative, Festivals Malta strives to prepare new talent for the entertainment industry, thus investing in tomorrow’s artists.

For more information, including the full list of participants, song titles and details about the minds behind the songs, visit: