Cannabis growing facility proposed in Victoria

First cannabis growing facility in Gozo will be on a gentle slope between Victoria and Xewkija • It will be surrounded by fence and infrared sensors required for security purposes 

A photomontage presented with the planning application showing how Gozo's first legal cannabis field will look
A photomontage presented with the planning application showing how Gozo's first legal cannabis field will look


Gozo’s first recreational cannabis growing facility is being proposed on the gentle slope between Victoria and Xewkija in an area known as L-Art Taflija.

Planning documents show the facility is being proposed on 55,300sq.m of agricultural land along Triq il-Pitkalija, chosen because of its “unique” soil and climatic conditions. 

This will be the first such facility being proposed in Gozo and the site will be surrounded by a three-metre-high fence required for security purposes. 

A Project Development Statement (PDS) submitted by the architect on behalf of an unspecified no profit NGO states the site was chosen due to its “unique microclimate properties” which are favourable to the growth and yield of cannabis farming. 

These include natural sheltering from dominant north-western winds. Moreover, the upper portion of the site rests on blue clay while the lower section lies on a bed of Globigerina Limestone. This will result in a natural flow of freshwater from the water table that will provide a constant supply of clean water for cultivation.  

The PDS states that the project will have little or no environmental impact on soil conservation, water resources, waste, emissions and residue. 

Moreover, no new built structures over and above the existing poultry farm, will be developed. The footprint dedicated to agricultural use will remain unchanged. 

But the project will require the erection of a security fence line which is needed due to the “sensitivity of the farming practices” and the “safety and security of the produce and personnel”. 

The height of the fence which will vary due to the sloping nature of the site will vary between two and three metres. The fence will be installed using stainless steel tamper-resistant fixings that offer a high degree of “vandal resistance” and compatible with CCTV and other detection systems. 

Infrared detection sensors will be used in a way which does not increase light pollution in the area. 

No details are given about the applicant proposing the application. Moreover, the planning application for this development is still being vetted by the Planning Authority and has still not been issued for public consultation.

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