Valletta teen-gang trouble sign of problems teachers face at school – union

Union of Professional Educators says schools must have the required tools to address problems of disiciline due to lack of parental control

UPE head Graham Sansone
UPE head Graham Sansone

A teachers’ union says schools must be given support and resources to have safe learning environments for pupils, claiming an incident of teenage gangs assaulting other teens in Valletta is part of a “growing problem”.

Graham Sansone, head of the Union of Professional Educators, said the apparent lack of parental control over teens causing trouble with fights in Valletta, was a problem spilling over in schools.

“It is evident that discipline and respect for authority are not being instilled within most of today’s generation. The union emphasises the role that parents play in ensuring the proper upbringing of their children, and the necessity of actively engaging in their education and behaviour formation.”

Sansone was referring to videos on social media depicting a group of girls assaulting another girl near Hastings Garden, while another video captures a gang of boys fighting in the streets of Valletta.

“While establishments in Valletta and other affected areas have the option of hiring security personnel to address such issues, educational institutions do not have this luxury. As a result, educators become vulnerable to physical and mental harassment from these troublesome teenagers. This raises serious concerns about the safety and well-being of both the educators and other students within the learning environment,” Sansone said.

“The UPSE calls for immediate action to address this issue. It is critical for parents to take responsibility for their children's behavior and upbringing. The union also urges authorities to provide necessary support and resources to educational institutions, allowing them to maintain safe learning environments for both educators and students. Collaboration between all stakeholders, including parents, educators, and law enforcement agencies, is essential to tackle this growing problem and ensure the well-being of our youth and society as a whole.”