Grech: PM prioritising interests of 'criminals' over people when defending hospitals concession

Opposition leader says Prime Minister’s speech in parliament will serve as ‘ammunition’ for Steward in appeal stage 

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

Nationalist leader Bernard Grech has slammed Prime Minister Robert Abela’s actions in “continuing to defend” Steward Health Care, despite the damning court judgment.

“Robert Abela is scared and weak, he continues to defend criminals,” the Opposition leader said.

The PN leader was interviewed on party radio station NET FM on Sunday morning.

Grech made reference to Abela's hour-long parliamentary speech on Thursday, in which he listed Steward's achievements and attempted to justify the government's expenditure on the hospital concession. 

Grech accused Abela of prioritizing the interests of corrupt individuals over those of the nation.

The opposition leader said the PM’s speech serves as ammunition for Steward in their appeal to the court decision.

“Abela is showing what that infamous ‘damned pact’ he had spoken about in the runup to the leadership election was,” Grech said.

The PN leader said Abela is being controlled by those around him, “a leader which today says something, and tomorrow does the opposite.”

He accused the PM of being "clearly overcome by panic", which coerced him into requesting the auditor general into investigating the money that was passed on to Steward Healthcare as part of the hospital concession.

Grech insisted people are now realising that the PN was always on their side, and has continued to defend families, as Abela continues to defend Steward.

PM ‘insensitive’ in turning down Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry

Grech also criticised the PM’s attitude when faced with calls for a public inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia.

He said Abela was “arrogant and insensitive” when turning down calls for a probe into the incident.

Grech insisted that Abela was also "scared and weak" for not supporting the opposition's motion to open an public inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia.

“For some reason, he still insists on not opening an public inquiry so that such a tragedy is avoided at all costs,” he said.

Grech claimed the PM had something to hide, or else the inquiry would have already been launched.