PN berates Abela for choosing to be 'Steward’s defence lawyer'

Nationalist Party insists Robert Abela chose to defend Steward Healthcare, Joseph Muscat and Konrad Mizzi instead of the country’s interests

Robert Abela chose to defend Steward Health Care, Joseph Muscat and Konrad Mizzi instead of safeguarding the country’s interests, the Nationalist Party said on Friday.

“Yesterday people were waiting for a speech by the PM, instead they received the final argument of the Vitals/Steward’s lawyer,” PN spokesperson Darren Carabott stated at a press conference at PN headquarters.

On Thursday, the Opposition walked out of parliament and boycotted the vote on a motion it proposed to condemn the Steward hospitals deal after the Speaker allowed the government to put forward an amendment outside its allotted time.

Meanwhile, on Friday morning, Justice Minister Jonathan Attard said he was unfazed by criticism that Abela defended Steward in parliament yesterday when he listed their achievements over the past five years.

Carabott, who was lined up to deliver a speech in Thursday’s debate, cited the law courts in saying the hospitals deals were indeed fraudulent, therefore proving not only the Opposition correct, but also unions and journalists.

PN also condoned this "parody of democracy," after the government's decision to present an amendment to the Opposition's motion in the time not allotted to it.

“Yesterday Prime Minister Abela, missed an opportunity and instead used the work of our professionals to defend the fraudulent,” added PN deputy leader Alex Perici Calascione.