Health Ministry categorically denies that patient died in Emergency corridors

Net News reported that the patient died after his historical records could not be retrieved in time

The Accident and Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital
The Accident and Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital

The Health Ministry and Mater Dei hospital have categorically denied a Net News story that a patient died in the corridors of the Emergency room after his historical file was not found.

“Mater Dei hospital categorically denies the story published on the Net News portal titled ‘Patient dies in the Emergency corridor after his historical file was not fond’. Mater Dei hospital confirms that this story is misleading and that the hospital procedures never cease the patient’s treatment or preclude the patient from being admitted to a ward due to procedures related to his file,” said the Health Ministry in a statement on Saturday.

Early on Saturday, the PN’s media portal reported that “reliable sources” revealed to them that hours earlier, a patient had died in the Emergency corridors due to the Government’s lack of implementation of a computerised filing system.

The Ministry condemned what it called “fictitious reporting” that alarms the public and puts to bad light the personnel of the Emergency Department.

“This case that apparently occurred last night, shocked the medical professionals and the nurses, as they were the ones who have for the past five years insisted on the digitisation of the patient records,” Net News said.