PN approves process for deputy leader election

Applications for the post of deputy leader of the Nationalist Party will be received until noon on Saturday 18 June • Applicants will then be vetted before being officially nominated for the post

The Nationalist Party has kickstarted the process to elect a new deputy leader, a mandatory election that has to be held alongside that for leader when the party loses a general election.

In a statement, the PN said the Exective Committee had agreed that applications for the post are to be submitted by noon on Saturday 18 June.

Candidates will then undergo a due diligence process and, if they pass the vetting process, will be able to be officially nominated for the post.

The PN currently has two deputy leaders: Robert Arrigo and David Agius, both elected when Adrian Delia was elected leader.

Under the latest amendments to the party's statute, only one will deputy leader will be elected henceforth.

Arrigo has already said he will not be seeking re-election. Agius has not indicated whether he will be contesting the deputy leadership again.