Anti-vaxxers want PBS chairman, board to resign over mandatory COVID booster

Anti-vax group ‘Freedom Movement Malta’ call on Police Commissioner to investigate the national broadcaster for ‘forcing the vaccine’ on their employees

Anti-vax group ‘Freedom Movement Malta’ have called on the Police Commissioner to investigate the national broadcaster for “forcing the vaccine” on their employees.

Group leader Paul Richard Chetcuti filed an official report with the police, insisting such measures go against employees’ human rights, breach UNESCO Bioethics and break European regulation on human rights.

The group want PBS Chairman Mark Sammut and the PBS board to resign. They also demand political responsibility is shouldered.

Last week the group held a demonstration in Valletta, which was attended by only a handful of people, insisting COVID-19 measures are terrorism by the state.

Branding himself a “scientist”, Paul Richard Chetcuti said government regulations are based on “fantasy”.

“They are using this fantasy to impose restrictions on unvaccinated persons and to those who refuse to receive the booster altogether,” he said.

The anti-vax group also want the police to investigate the Medical Association of Malta (MAM) for “misguiding” government in a statement issued on the 22 January. MAM had called on government to impose a 9 pm curfew and scale-up enforcement in hotspot areas like Paceville and Bugibba.

Freedom Movement Malta said the police commissioner should protect citizens in line with the powers granted to him by the constitution.

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