Man charged after 150 packets of cocaine found in Balzan

A “considerable“ amount of drugs had been found in the accused’s possession, but the court was not given a precise weight

A court has refused bail to a man allegedly caught by police with 150 packets of cocaine in his possession near his home in Balzan on January 19.

Wasim Brghol from Syria was arraigned by police inspector Alfredo Mangion before magistrate Nadine Lia earlier this morning, charged with possession of cocaine in circumstances which denoted it was not intended for his personal use and breaching bail conditions.

The Inspector told the court that a “considerable“ amount of drugs had been found in the accused’s possession. His defence lawyers, however, pointed out that the court had not been given a precise weight.

After entering a not guilty plea, Brghol’s lawyers, Franco Debono, Marion Camilleri and Mario Mifsud requested bail. The lawyers argued that an alternative address was available, in view of the fact that the prosecution had highlighted the fact that the accused shared an address with a potential witness.

The court, however, denied bail.