Man admits to making threatening phone calls to ex-girlfriend

Accused has been placed on probation and fined after admitting to threatening former lover

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(File Photo)

A jilted lover from Ħamrun who made threatening phone calls to his ex-girlfriend, has been placed on probation and fined after admitting to related charges.

The man, who is not being named to avoid the secondary victimisation of his ex-girlfriend, was arraigned in August last year and accused of harassing the woman, misuse of electronic telecommunications equipment, threatening her and uttering insults or threats in excess of the limits of provocation.

In a judgement handed down on Monday, the Court of Magistrates, presided by Magistrate Nadine Lia sentenced the 22-year-old man to two years probation and treatment, together with a €500 fine.

Lia had previously heard prosecuting police Inspector Eman Hayman explain how the accused had been unable to accept the fact that his girlfriend had decided to end their relationship. The threatening phone calls were made on 9 August 2021, Hayman had said.

The man had pleaded guilty to the charges upon his arraignment, noted the court, as it ruled that he should benefit from this attenuating factor when awarding punishment. The magistrate also observed the prosecution had insisted the court considers issuing probation and treatment orders as an alternative to incarceration.

The court said it condemned any act of domestic violence, but said that in this case it did not see the existence of extremes which would necessitate a prison sentence. Instead, the court placed the man under a probation order and a treatment order, both extending for two years.