Bringing the love of wine closer to home

Take your love of wine to the next level by having premium authentic bottles delivered to your doorstep 

Since the time of our ancestors, wine was a drink that people drank to celebrate or enjoy in their free time. Now, wine is being brought even closer to your home with Winebox Inc., a premium wine subscription service that delivers two to four bottles of wine to your home every month: a company led by two wine-obsessed individuals, who taste every bottle and offer advice on the wine's profile as well as ideal food compliments. Every month is different, for example last month it was Sicilian wine, this month it is South African.

The different packages of premium wine will set a perfect platform to take your love for wine to the next level. Choose the type of wine, how many bottles and how long you wish to subscribe for. Free cancellation is offered throughout.

This is not all. The company will be bringing wine tasting closer to you, whether you're an expert or a beginner. The theme is based on any grape from any region you’d imagine. Whether it’s the syrah or the chardonnay, you need to try it to be amazed.

The subscription is hassle-free with different packages starting from one time orders up to 12 months subscription. 

Whether you are looking to buy a gift, try it yourself or enjoy it with your partner, friend or family, Winebox Inc might be the perfect solution  to take your love for wine to another level.