Metaverse token Mushe leads the way as investors look for new projects in bear market

Bear market fuels demand for top new projects

As inflation sets in and many businesses are making plans to combat a potential recession, investors are turning to early and presale projects as a source of seeing high yield returns in a bear market.

This seems frugal as it takes just one project within your fund of early-stage coins to be successful for an overall return on investment to be seen. The gains that you can see as an early investor enable you to spread risk, while still seeing significant potential. Investors have been using this tactic for years across various start-up projects to search for yields during bear markets and times of high inflation, and now it is happening within the crypto market too.

While you should always do your research, if you are looking for high ROI in the remainder of 2022, investing in early protocols is a great methodology to use.

Mushe (XMU) has already seen a 1000% gain since presale launch

One token that is currently still in its presale that has already benefitted early investors is Mushe Token (XMU). Mushe is a Metaverse token that has high useability and makes it easy for those who are new to crypto to participate in the trading, holding, and exchanging of assets. Whether it be NFTs, digital content, or cryptocurrency itself, Mushe spreads its wings wide to incorporate all users into the Metaverse.

As of writing, Mushe has 6 days left in its presale and it is not surprising that the token has seen largescale investment, already rising in excess of 1000%. The exceptional operability and functionality of the platform allow users already in the space a new and safer way to trade, while ensuring accessibility for those who are new to the space and are looking to learn.

Mushe’s core products include a wallet that simplifies trading and holding cryptocurrency, their Metaverse Banking service, which provides interoperability for users looking to buy and trade Metaverse products, and a service where you can purchase NFTs that represent fractional ownership of Mushe’s facilities and products. These NFTs are geared towards gaming nostalgia which can be stored within the Mushe wallet.

It would not be surprising to see Mushe continue its success from its presale and have growth that goes well beyond the already prolific presale launch. If you are new to the space or are looking for a platform that offers great operability within the Metaverse space, Mushe is a project that you should check out.

While new projects prosper, don’t forget about ETH

While new projects such as Mushe are prospering, it is important not to forget about the potential that the layer-1 powerhouse Ethereum (ETH) has, and why it is still a good investment option.

Ethereum is the bedrock of the Metaverse and NFT world and the network is the underlying foundation that allows many new projects to have success. With the bear market inducing a drop in the price of Ethereum, there have not been many better times to get involved as an investment that offers low-risk and high-return potential.

This is not to say that the price of Ethereum can’t drop further in the coming months, as fluctuations within the market will be common due to the uncertainty and volatility in the wider macroeconomic sphere, but as a long-term investment, Ethereum will likely provide investors stability. Be sure to take advantage of the bear market, it is not often that the market goes on sale and will give those who are patient an opportunity for financial freedom.

Whilst Ethereum looks like an excellent investment, be sure to never invest more than you are willing to lose, and always do your research. However, that being said, the saying be greedy when those are fearful, and fearful when those are greedy is never truer than right now, and right now it is time to be greedy as others exit.

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Disclaimer: This article is brought to you by Rebecca Deign. This content should not be interpreted as investment advice. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market, do your independent research and only invest what you can afford to lose.