James Bianchi is chief photographer and video reporter

[IN PICTURES] Italy claims victory over Malta as thousands flock to Ta' Qali national stadium
National team concedes 0-2 to the reigning Euro champions in front of 16,000...
[IN PICTURES] Malta Carnival 2023: From Disney to Kiss and dancers outside Castille
Princesses, Mexican cowboys, American Indians, the rockers from Kiss, and...
[WATCH] COVID-19 in Malta: a new normal in Valletta’s Republic Street
Face masks, customer limits inside shops and social distancing are the new...
[WATCH] Nadur Carnival fever: epidemics, politics, and creative celebration
Cultural Diary
People at Nadur Carnival told us the annual celebration is synonymous with...
[PICTURES] Robert Abela’s first speech as new Labour leader
Following has election as the Labour Party’s new leader, Robert Abela...
[PICTURES] How Labour headquarters was transformed into a vote-counting hall
Vote-counting to determine the winner between Chris Fearne and Robert Abela...
[PICTURES] Protesters in Valletta march from Parliament to Castille
Protesters gather in Valletta in midst of political crisis
[WATCH] Birgu marina gets new seabin
The seabins will be employed to clear the water from debris and microplastics...
[WATCH] Greasy does it! St Julian’s Gostra competition wraps up
Cultural Diary
Competitors run up the Gostra greasy pole to catch one of the tricolor flags -...
[WATCH] Environment over the economy: Hundreds protest Central Link Project
Hundreds answered 19-year-old student Sasha Vella's call to voice...
[WATCH] Police turn away far-right heckler as Lifeline crew go to court
Police remove young heckler as he hurls abuse at migrant rescuers from MV...
[SLIDESHOW] Murder suspects back on the scene of the crime where Caruana Galizia was murdered
Brothers George and Alfred Degiorgio, and Vincent Muscat, photographed on site...
[WATCH] 25th edition of the Malta International Airshow
Audiences were treated to displays of air forces from 11 countries during the...
11 takeaways from Adrian Delia’s first PN meeting as leader
Step into Delia’s “revolution of the mind”: patriotic...
[WATCH] PN leadership elections: Adrian Delia confirmed as new PN leader with 52.7% of votes
Supporters of Adrian Delia are celebrating their candidate's victory in the...
Perseid meteors over Malta give stargazers a night to remember
Earth passes through the path of Comet Swift-Tuttle from 17 July to 24 August...
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