[LIVE] Valletta is hosting a non-stop radio festival and you can watch it here

The International Radio Festival (IRF) is broadcasting live from Valletta

Amazing: Italy's Radio Immaginaria's young radio DJs keep everyone entertained
Amazing: Italy's Radio Immaginaria's young radio DJs keep everyone entertained

A non-stop broadcast of international radio deejays are dishing out the banter and the tunes at the unique International Radio Festival (IRF), which has set up base in Valletta at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. P 

Now in its 9th year, the Zurich-born and Swiss-managed international broadcasting event represents the first and only conference to debate and showcase the business, production and curation of the world’s most consumed medium – audio/radio content. 

The International Radio Festival (IRF) was founded in 2010 to celebrate radio’s on-air influencers and their production teams who command the trust and loyal “ear” of billions of listeners around the globe. 

The conference format offers invited radio stations the opportunity to showcase their chosen programme formats to attendees whilst simultaneously broadcasting said programmes live-on-air from the conference back to their home audiences, reaching millions of global listeners and making the IRF the largest media event of its kind – reaching 100 million listeners globally. 

“We are delighted to have been invited by the Government of Malta to partner with them to celebrate Valletta, the European Capital of Culture 2018. Together we will demonstrate the power that audio delivers in the overall media mix,” IRF Festival Director Darryl von Däniken said. 

“Radio broadcasting kick-started the global media industry, setting international media standards, strategies and sales approach still being used today. While the power of music and voice was drastically underestimated at the beginning of the internet revolution, today's ever-growing earphone generation confirms the power of audio. 

“The IRF sits at the heart of this development as a meeting of minds, and a place for knowledge sharing, networking, and forming both analogue and digital audio strategies for the future, not just for broadcasters, but also for the music and advertising industry.”