Short film Monumental by Malta-based director selected for US film festival

Monumental has already been selected for 13 festivals around the world 

Monumental 2021
Monumental 2021

The short film Monumental by Malta-based director Aleksa Ristovic has been officially selected for the AZDroneFest Film Festival & Expo 2021, which will take place on 23 October. 

The short film has already won an award at the Berlin Flash Film Festival and has been a semi-finalist at the Eurasian Film Festival. Monumental has also been part of 13 official selections for festivals across the world. 

Monumental focuses on a spiritual journey to leave a mark on the world. The story is conveyed through cinematography captured exclusively through drone footage. 

Coming in at under six minutes, Monumental offers the audience an escape from the mundane and opportunity to dive into the divine.

Monumental is written and directed by Aleksa Ristovic, with drama direction from Giovanni Attard. Tania Ristovic was the executive producer, Anton Yakshibaev was the music composer, the narration was by Victoria Harrild, and Jeiner Racedo was the sound engineer.

The film can be accessed at