Austin Camilleri reveals new works at Spazju Kreattiv for all those ‘judged and persecuted’

‘LE.IVA is a Lazy Form of Grief’ at Spazju Kreattiv will run until 10 April 

After more than 10 years since his last solo show in Malta, Austin Camilleri is presenting new works produced over the past five years in the exhibition LE.IVA is a Lazy Form of Grief at Spazju Kreattiv.

LEIVA, the public sculpture by Camilleri, is of a girl about to become a woman, stoically immortalised on the cusp of change. 

LEIVA stands to communicate a symbolic and political statement of extremes about the courage of all the human beings who have been subjected to public exposure and judgment, bringing light to a more egalitarian society where the control and colonisation of the feminine body and her fruits are no longer under the rule of patriarchy.

She symbolises all the judged, persecuted, and condemned women, journalists, artists, LGBT+ exponents, people with disabilities. She is an underdog, fighting a society that does not recognise her and a society of which she does not want to be part. LEIVA shows all those who stand before her that we don’t need to choose between extremes and partisan sides. The choice is hers and ours for the taking.

Austin Camilleri’s LE.IVA Anger is a Lazy Form of Grief is a Spazju Kreattiv initiative that will run until 10 April 2022. This exhibition has been curated by Rosa Martinez, with Irene Biolchini as assistant curator, and supported by Visit Malta, Arkafort, Express Trailers, iLAB Studios, Magro Brothers, ReCoop, and Pictures & Frames.